Why I am choosing to FAITH IT

Why I am choosing to FAITH IT in this season

*disclaimer pure honesty and truth*

This week I have cried every day.

I have cried tears from a place of uneasiness and panic, as a result of a bold step in faith, followed immediately by tears of joy because God showed up and showed out.

Let me tell you entrepreneurship is hard……. but oh so rewarding. If you make that decision to go for it be sure about why you are doing it. My “WHY” has been what has kept me sane, my relationship with God has kept me going and the word of God has been my comfort like never before.

In-Essence is not just a clothing company, it’s a Ministry. When God revealed this to me it blew my mind. You see our designs are inspired by God and the word of God. We pray over the clothing and we pray for every customer. The best part of it is praying for every customer. You think you’re just wearing cool clothes (hopefully you think this) but there is someone praying for you also. It was this that blew my mind because God in His own special way is using In-Essence as a vehicle to sow seeds in the hearts of people. People that may have lost there way but still feel a connection to God, people who know about God but don’t follow Him but they buy the clothes because they like it. In-Essence caters to believers and unbelievers. Faith- based people and fashionista’s. God cares about everyone of them.

 So at the beginning of the year when I sat down to have a business meeting with God, yes I said Business meeting with God (concept from Tatum Temia from the Blessed and Bossed Up Podcast). One of the first things He said was, “In-Essence is as much spiritual as it is physical.” Instantly I understood what that meant. Let me explain, God was saying to me that yes you sell clothes and other things to compliment people’s Faith but it’s bigger than that. It is a Ministry, you are sowing seeds in an innovative way through designs that I have given you and the enemy won’t like it. So as much as you spend time designing, sourcing manufacturers, shipping, marketing you must spend just as much time on your knees praying because the enemy will try and attack you, the enemy will cause you to doubt what I have told you.

Now if you know me personally, you would know that I like to live a quiet, stress free life. I literally drink my peppermint tea and mind my business. So In-Essence as a ministry is a whole different ball game and this week has been peak for me. I have been living in a realm of uncomfortability, I feel like every day I am breaking out of the box, entering a realm that is quite frankly scary, I’m exposed and I don’t like it. I realise I need to be comfortable being uncomfortable if I am to survive. No one grows in their comfort zone, you grow outside of it right. This feeling of uncomfortability has made me cry everyday this week, this feeling of being exposed has caused me to retreat and stay on bended knees, praying to God to lead and steer this ship successfully.

I am not the CEO of this company, God is and I await His instructions on what He wants us to do. So you see I can’t just pull out because we didn’t make any sales over a 4 day period, or pull out because we got 4 out 5 stars instead of 5 out 5 stars on a product (working on my perfectionist issues lol), or we don’t know how we are going to pay our marketing bill. God owns this company and I am merely the day-to-day operations lady, I do as He tells me, so while I may wish to exit, I can’t because In-Essence is bigger than me, it’s bigger than my fear that we may run out of money to restock items, it’s bigger than my anxiety of being uncomfortable all the time. It’s bigger than me and I have to humble myself every day I wake up. I must remember it is a privilege to serve God and serve people.

So while I feel like giving up I have made the decision to FAITH IT. We have a collection called “FAITH IT” and when I was sketching it I was so excited about it because it was powerful. Not knowing that the FAITH IT hoodie was for me, it was for this very moment where I feel like giving up and walking away. Where I feel like going back to a simple undedicated, uncommitted life. That collection was designed for this very moment, this moment where I have had to make a decision to eat my design (if that makes sense). I am not a hypocrite. I must walk in FAITH. I chose to FAITH IT. I chose to walk in what God has laid out for me even though its hard. Following Christ is not easy, it’s a narrow path for a reason but at each step God shows you that He has got you in the palm of His hand and as long as you trust Him you will be okay.

So as I have decided to FAITH IT, I challenge you to do the same. After I finish writing this I am going to wear my FAITH IT hoodie and continue with my day because Lord knows I need the reminder and I need to walk the talk.

If you are in a similar situation I would like to give you some practical tips on how to FAITH IT in this season:

  1. Know your “WHY”

If God has called you to do something know why you are doing it. This will keep you going even when things look bleak. Talk to God more, allow Him to speak to you. Ask questions, dig deeper. Don’t feel like God is vague, He will tell you the details and steps, you just have to ask in faith.

  1. Stay in the Word of God

You need to read the word. This will keep you grounded. This is what you might find yourself reciting when the enemy tries to be messy. Know the word of God for yourself. The Bible says that FAITH comes by hearing and hearing the word of God – Romans 10:17. Let the word of God build up your Faith.

  1. Trust God

This is the one.

God wants you to solely trust in Him. Some of us know that if God doesn’t come through then we can fall back on ourselves and make it happen. This has been me for most of my life. I say that I trust God but secretly I know that if He doesn’t do it I can do it and if I do it best believe it won’t be God’s way but my own way and that’s disobedience. I believe God is dealing with me in this area of trusting in Him only in this season. God is asking you to trust Him completely no plan B. God is Plan A and Plan A and Plan A ohhhh and Plan A that’s it!!! Once you learn to fully Trust in God, you are good because God will always show up and show out for you.


Chose to FAITH IT today, it won’t be easy but it will be worth it because you got a Big God who is in your corner.


Remain Blessed as always




  • NayT

    Amen n amen
    We walk by faith and not by sight

  • Žana

    I can understand you,and 👏👏to you after🙌👑.He is doing so great job in you and with you!This is encouraging.I was past through similar things in the past,but in front of me is similar but different.Thank you for sharing this testimony.Yes ,we can be weak and scared at one moment but Lord will show His strength in us if we choose to FAITH IT! Much love❤️🌹

  • Queen Egemba

    Faith-it has never been a more relevant message as it is in these time. With fear and insecurity every where we want to draw back and stand still. But we have a big God! Our actions are determined by this fact not by what’s going on in the world. Well done for this blog! Really uplifting truth ! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💕💕


    I am so thankful for reading your blog this morning as it’s exactly what l needed confirmation for more like to hear it from a human perspective, when things happen in a different way we expect we tend to revisit what THE HOLY SPIRIT had said to us not in doubt or checking out if it was really HIM talking to us in the first place and initially but we do it just to express our confusion and distress, you have blessed me so much and l pray that your experiences shared will reward you greatly.

  • Vanize

    You’re a blessing sis 💜💜
    Something you mentioned that touched me profoundly was, make sure you know WHY DO YOU DO WHAT YOU DO. That statement, set me free from an IDOL.
    In-Essence is really a Ministry that’s ministering to us business owners that we need to DIE in order to MULTIPLY.

    Thank you for sharing your testimony.

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