Our Story

In-Essence - the faith-based brand that compliments your FAITH and allows you to be who God has called you to be.

In February 2018, my life was brought to a halt when I fell downstairs and broke my ankle into several pieces. It took me three long months to be able to walk again. It was during this time of recovery I had time to hear, time to re-align myself again to what God wanted me to do not what the world wanted me to do. I began drawing, writing songs, designing, researching doing things that when I was ‘busy’ I never had the time to do. I couldn’t find clothing that really represented my FAITH and who God had called me to be. I couldn’t find anything that represented being a Child of God or a Worshipper.
So the Holy Spirit inspired me to create our first faith-based clothing collection called ‘Worship is my culture’. By God’s grace we launched at ‘The Worshipper’ event in April 2019 and we have not looked back.
In-Essence is a brand that allows people to express who God has made them to be, I want them to see their potential when they wear In-Essence’s designs and know that they can do anything through Christ. The Bible says let everything that has breath praise the Lord, why can’t innovative designs and clothing give Him the Glory He deserves too.
In-Essence is bigger than just clothes, my aim is for In-Essence to compliment your FAITH in every way, shape or form, whether in providing practical tools and resources to assist you walking in your God-given purpose, to allowing you to go to the office in stylish clothes that empower you and truly represent who you are. In-Essence is a faith-based brand that plans on investing in the kingdom of God by helping God’s children through charities like Compassion UK who help empower children to overcome poverty or Open doors who help Christians who are persecuted for their Faith worldwide or through missionaries travelling the globe to spread the message of the Gospel.

Join us on our journey to change the world with one design and one top at a time.


Thank you for coming on this journey with us. It is a privilege to serve you. We hope we make you proud. - Delicia Edgar, Founder